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Our Mission

Why we do what we do

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DB CyberSecurity is here to protect European society from potentially devastating cyber attacks! This means we offer cyber security services to private and governmental organizations to help them better prepare for, prevent, detect and respond to cyber security incidents.

Similar to most other companies, we have a set of core values. Unlike other companies, we actually embody them!

We incorporate them not just into every single email, ticket or report we produce for customers:
We have the same values in our internal interactions whether they be work related or during an after-hours fun event.

Our team is built on values :

Be Yourself.

We celebrate individuality. Our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills of our team. In cybersecurity, innovation springs from authenticity. We foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, contributing to breakthrough solutions that protect and empower our clients.

Be Excellent.

Excellence is our standard. We’re committed to surpassing the highest expectations in cybersecurity. From cutting-edge solutions to unmatched client service, we’re dedicated to excellence in everything we do. Our quest for excellence drives us to continuously innovate, ensuring we not only meet but exceed the needs of those we serve.

Be Hacktive.

“Be Hacktive” is our mantra for a proactive and learning-driven approach to cybersecurity. We stay ahead by constantly updating our knowledge and skills, embracing the latest in cybersecurity advancements. It’s about thinking like ethical hackers—always ready, always learning, and always teaching. We’re not just defending against today’s threats; we’re preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, sharing our knowledge to strengthen our clients and the wider community. Our dedication to being hacktive ensures we provide the most current and robust protection possible.

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